cafe secret



I was willing to try anything. 
I'd saved up all my money for the manual with the superhero ring.
I didn't need the tight suit & the cape. 
I needed to start off slow and gentle, for the city's sake.
So I picked up the Sunday Journal. 
Flipped to the "personals". I ain't looking for a mate.
But somewhere in the HELP WANTED, somebody needed some aid,
I hoped it wasn't too late.
Now I don't see too far into the future. 
That's not one of my superpowers.
But if I see somebody, somewhere, in this warm San Diego city needs my help,
Well I'm gonna see what I can do to lend a hand.
The ad said "help wanted, I've been trying forever and a day, but I can't get rid of this pain. 
Feels like my heart's gonna break, like it's actually gonna stop beating, from the strain.
It said "I used to not be afraid. 
But I don't know how much more I can take. 
Please help before it's too late.
Oh and I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for psychological attention today."
It's my first case as a Superhero. 

Doesn't sound too good, but what could be so complicated!
I load up on some good wisdom cake. 

I have a fresh batch I just baked. 
I get in my car, I'm almost there when I realize: I should have bought the suit...with the cape.
But then I crossed two moons and a snake. 
What kind of omen does that make.
I looked it up in Chapter 8,
it said that I was too late!I
go back to my place, feeling grateful just to be alive and in my little space.
Cause I hear it's not about what choices we make, but that we have the choice, to make em.
And if you go away before ever finding your wisdom,
well then there's always the next time around to see what difference you can make.
These days I work for those in need of aid. 
I got the boots, the suit, the heart, the cape. 
I got the bigger space and a mate.
It's down at the corner of 6th and C,
right next to the music store, lots of good people around...
at the Superhero's Brigade.