The Yael Song — March 09, 2010 — Yael Gmach sings one of her latest songs she wrote about, well, about herself. I shot this video with an old sony and a HV30, and the new 7D canon camera. It was great to mix all the different footage from different times and cameras for this video. Yael is extremely talented and very entertaining to watch, I've been recording her for two years so it was nice to put all this footage to good use. by : kirksaber

TrainOfThoughtSD — February 21, 2010 — Yael Gmach performs "Love to Give" @ Train of Thought SD. 2/17/10 Queen Bee's http://trainofthoughtsd.com/ Video by Carlos Solorio http://yaelsongs.com/

Superhero Brigade: In a small town (San Diego), our singer decides that she has super-hero powers, and want to help someone with them: She buys the ingredients .. and a book, but not the cape. Full of rhythm, syncope, narration, you will enjoy this ballade to the end