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I wanted to believe in Magic
I didnt want to feel alone
You gave me life I'm all about it
But I never felt like I was home

I sit and stare at all that's tragic
I want to fix it but it's hard
It felt so fine where did it happen
When did it crash and take a dive

I wanted to believe in Magic
Do angels come down from the sky
Is my dog up there with my Granma
And can I see them when I die

How could he not inspire beauty
For him the whole thing is insane
All shopping malls, all made up stories
Our living hells, our daily games

It's up to you to hear the pounding
Of the hurt inside your neighbor's pain

It's growing loud, our ears are listening
Hey world I think we're all to blame.

I wake up and I see you,
You haven't changed you're still the same
I said trust everybody, cause in the end
We're all playing the same game.
On this dark and desert highway,
I see the signs are lighting my way
Well if I surprised me before,
I know I can do it again.

In all goodbyes there's a forever
I truly thought you were the one.
One year ago the last September,
You came and warmed me like the sun.
I really wish I could remember,
Cause I know I said it more than once.
In two days the burn comes up and after,
I'll get my things, and I'll be gone.