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You are somebody,
And I think you're funny,
And you make people smile,
you ARE so sweet.

You think I don't know,
but you want it to show,
but I already know, that somebody is YOU
Sam I AM

He made a big green man,
He's a good egg.  And ham.
He said hey yay yay,
I am Sam I AM

And she said "How much you want for that one?"
And they said "well it's going for $17,000 and 37 cents"
Say what!  Say what!

Cause it's you.
You are I why who
Who why I are you
You and you and I are happy
as can be.

If we want to climb the peaks,
if we want love for all artists,
We can make a cozy place,
We'll laugh and sing, hey hey
We own this place.
Cause of you

So here comes Sam I AM
Doin all a travelin man can
Making people smile for art

It doesn't have to cost a dime,
if you give me yours I'll give you mine.
We both end up with something in the meantime.

Cause It's You