Why is what I have embarked on since October 2008.

A musical surprise really. I don't quite know how I myself did NOT know that I could write songs.  A song.  I could not fathom how!
The process, the method, the way...HOW?  
But somehow, I wrote one, one day last October 2008. 
And I was even satisfied with it. Satisfied, or floored in fact, as it didn't even sound half bad for a first song from a first time songwriter.  But still, I could not fathom how to write, yes, another song. Well I did. I wrote another.  Truthfully, it was nicer and sweeter than the first, in all ways. 

And truthfully again, I thought "two is good". I can feel good about two, besides I CANNOT fathom how a third song would get written! 
How another song would come!  Well it did and gradually, finally, after the fifth song, I realized that I liked this adventure, that I had found an art, and one that I could offer back to my friend's ears; one I could do just to contribute to the world of inspiration and expression. Email